LED Uplighting
Lighting typically projected on the walls of the venue to create a beautiful ambiance in the room.
LED Pin Spotting
Beautiful warm focused lighting on centerpieces, escort card tables, photos & other accents.
Textured Washes
Decorative lighting available in a
wide variety of patterns to enhance tents, walls, & dance floors.
Monogram Projection
Personalized branding projected through lighting. Monogram, #hashtags, logos and more.
Cafe, Bistro & Curtain
String Lighting
Decorative string lighting typically used to enhance tents, lawns, gardens, patios and entranceways.
Intelligent Lighting
Computer controlled lighting for dance floors, building facades,
entranceways & more!
Specialty Lighting
We offer a wide variety of unique lighting elements such as LED orbs, LED tubes, holiday trees & more.
Decorative Accents
Consider decorative elements to hang over a dance floor, patio, or lawn to add visual interest.