Intelligent moving lights to enhance your wedding reception

Intelligent lighting is computer controlled by a lighting tech who will run the lights in sync with your music.

The lights can be programmed to create a wash on a ceiling or dance floor during the softer moments or special dances. Later when the party is rockin, the lights can run patterns and color combinations to create an energetic dance floor.

This style of lighting is typically mounted on top of clean lighting trusses for a sleek setup.

  • LED – Variety of colors

  • PATTERNS – A variety of patterns and textures

  • PROGRAMMABLE – Professional operation by a technician

“I highly suggest adding these lights for your reception. They created such a beautiful mood and ambiance for our guests. One of the best enhancements we chose for our reception”.

Carol S., An Amazing Bride

“My wife loved when I surprised her with her favorite color in the room. It was so worth the investment to see her smile”.

Mike W., Thoughtful Groom

I’m excited you can create a nightclub vibe in my room.

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