Wireless Pin Spot Lighting to enhance your wedding

Ever wonder how centerpieces seem to “pop” in a room? The warm accent lighting is created with centerpiece pin spot lighting.

Our wireless LED fixtures are non-obtrusive and work great in conjunction with uplighting or textured lighting washes. In most cases you won’t even notice them in the room.

You’ve spent time selecting the perfect centerpieces, let us highlight them for your guests. They can also be utilized for bars and back bar displays, lounge vignettes, dark pathways, entrance and exits, photos, special floral installations, and escort card tables.

  • LED – Warm soft hue
  • WIRELESS – No messy cords or need for outlets
  • COMPACT – Small footprint, easy on the eyes
  • REMOTE CONTROLLED – Easily dimmed from a remote

“I highly suggest adding these lights for your reception. They created such a beautiful mood and ambiance for our guests. One of the best enhancements we chose for our reception”.

Carol S., An Amazing Bride

“My wife loved when I surprised her with her favorite color in the room. It was so worth the investment to see her smile”.

Mike W., Thoughtful Groom

My centerpieces look amazing now – OMG Thank You!!

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